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i'm gomen

哎呀! ★Cynthia. 20. ISFP. RISD.

I draw.


okay so i won a giveaway from doodlesprout/mel ! where i could have a pin/badge made and ofc i chose my golden child mihashi ^^;;
and i am!!!! so so happy & IM IN LOVE with the pin! It is so beautiful and the details blow me away!! i especially love his blush and the heart in his mouth!! so cute!! 
thank you so much mel and everybody go check out and support bc i am so impressed and absolutely adore my pin!!! 


cynthia makes me laugh all the time and by laugh i mean do a scary snort kinda thing followed by guffawing so 


ahhhhh yes so !!  i’ve decided to open a storenvy to sell some of my old or never used purchases !! i’d very much appreciate if you perhaps checked it out?? !! 


thank you!! <3


fem!giripan for alina’s 19th bday *w*

(THIS IS A LATE POST IM SORRy) alina gave me this incredibly cute skirt for my birthday ;A;;;; THANK YOU BBY it fits so comfortably and the pattern is very cute„ it’s like mori kei, but also alina, because pink, but an earthy mori kei pink, which is closer to what i wear. literally perf. when i wear i will think of you!! and thank you for the sweet treats (you know what will be happening to those) and THIS BEAUTIFUL ASS CARD. THIS CARD HAS EVEYRHTING ON IT. EVEN KYUHYUnN? I, I FEEL SO UNDERSTOOD, EVEN THE “CATS” AT THE TOP, HOLY Shti i’m



aphguam replied to your post: ah god i’m stale. i’m a stale 20 year …

heck no bby ur a fresh outta the oven piece of ciabatta

i looked up what ciabatta is and 



hAPPYPYPYPYPYYY BIRTHDAY 20 BIRTHDAY 20TH twentieth biIRTHDAY CYNTHIA!!! i was like ohoho i'll wish her happy birthday at 12 exactly then i forgot time zones were a thing blugH anyway happy birthday!! i hope u have a great day !! <333

bby. i can feel the power of your happy birthday, the potency of its intent for midnight timeliness. thank you


lumpiaa replied to your post:_(:3 」∠ )_
i just spent like 5 min trying to decipher that emoticon and im no closer than when i started im sorry im a failure

omg bby. i will help you out it’s ok. it this




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