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哎呀! ★Cynthia. 20. Chinese American. RISD.

I draw.


The Legend of Zelda: 1986 - 2015, NES - Wii U


Legend of Zelda Hyrule medallions skirt

for sale www.etsy.com/uk/shop/Frockasaurus


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More store updates!

I have added poster sets for many of my LOZ watercolor tattoo designs to my shop! They include the Marks of the Goddesses, Hyrule and Lorule Triforce, Tribe Symbols, And Sage Medallions. All poster sets are 13x19 inches and are $30.00. They are also sold individually at 8.5x11 inches. On top of that, I have changed all 8.5x11 inch prints to $15.00 instead of $20.00. I’m trying very hard to save up some money right now, so if you are interested, please head on over to my store!

Any sale will be shipped out 1-2 days after purchase, unless it falls on a weekend day. I do ship outside of the u.s, however I don’t have very much experience with that, so please be patient with me. Thank you for your time and I hope you’ll consider buying a print!


*gets down on my knees* mr iwata just hear me out


Link trying to summon the Majora’s Mask remake


what if there was a yarn version of a zelda game


zelda twitter doodles

Hyrule Warriors - Playable ladies

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