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Recently repainted an old Link picture from 2012 to sell as a print for SMASH! this year! I am so nostalgic for Ocarina…

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I’m just gunna let these images sink into your minds…


Took some nicer photos of the chest. And it’s lit up with its own light! Perfect for that marriage proposal you want to do! ;D

They are currently on pre-order and will start production after Fan-Expo on Sept 1, 2014. It will take a couple weeks to have them ready to ship out.

You can find it here: http://shop.nappinkraken.com/

Whole thing was built from scratch by Thom from Nappin’ Kraken Crafts. Hand cast with metal powder, hand painted, hand assembled. The heart piece (which isn’t included with the chest) is another item available in our shop. It comes as a necklace by default but you can have it as a standalone item, just let us know.

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Phew! Here it is folks, cobbled together from two weeks worth of free time. I don’t really know what to say, so I’ll just hope it’s as fun to read and look thru as it was to make.


by paul reinwandme


Kokiri are definitely my favorite zelda race (and saria is one of my favorite characters ♥♥♥ ).


some new stuff that was totally rushed and I will fix later


The Legend of Zelda 

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Zelda in jammies and her guardian Impa (*´・v・)
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