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哎呀! ★Cynthia. 20. ISFP. RISD.

I draw.


my precious bby girl is turning 15 i can’t believe it gROWING SO BIG
i drew you fem!korea because you are korean (lol) and i wanted an excuse to draw her and fem!canada because I associate her with you because icon and I HOPE THE KOREAN IS CORRECT

I hope you have a fantastic birthday and celebrate with friends and family and get lots of kind wishes and presents from wonderful people

you deserve it bby

you’re super cool and funny and nice and a great friend and you’ve supported me 100% and also listened to me whenever i had to talk about alina before we got together you’re my awesome, dependable, bEAUTIFUL WONDERFUL GORGEOUS (tall and superbly tan and long-haired) sister from another mister, fellow kpoop, etc.
I love you very much uwu can’t wait to see you turn 16 LOL

one day i’ll come visit you in cali man oh man (and shout out to your state for not voting for romney)

thank you for being a wonderful friend. I’m very glad I met you. Have a great bday ok! it’s your big day! 

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