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Recycling New Technologies

When the term ‘computer art’ is thrown around, it is safe to assume that some people automatically think about art that is created using digital mediums.

But what about ‘computer art’ as art that is made, literally, from parts of a computer?

Multimedia artist Leonard Ulian takes inspiration from traditional artistic practices such as sand mandalas and book binding, and combines this inspiration with various electrical components, computer parts and copper wire. Mimicking two time consuming traditional practices, Ulian’s work can be interpreted as creating a network between traditional and contemporary, or in the case of the mandalas specifically, comparing spiritual and ritualistic representations of the universe with the artist’s own fascination in how systems can be applied to the process of art making.

Similarly, mixed-media artist Anna Dabrowska, better known as Finnabair, takes inspiration from a Victorian-era style of art to create her ‘steampunk’ collages using found objects such as computer parts. The artist herself describe her practice as “industrial art, cyberpunk art, or artistic upcycling”, taking modern technologies that have been deemed obsolete, thrown out, and applying them to traditional art practices.

-Anna Paluch


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stop enforcing the idea that u need 2 be in a relationship 2 be happy sometimes u just need more cereal

Enneagram 4


Type 4, The Individualist

Triad (Corner):     Heart (image, feeling)
Core Issue:          Shame
Personality runs on:      Frustration
Values:       Emotional Reactivity
Style:    Withdrawn 
Passion:    Envy
Virtue:    Equanimity

Description: Creatures of emotional extremes, fours are awash in a stormy sea of emotions. They are all about relationships and seem to be always beginning, ending, or analyzing relationships. They feel frustrated in their search for connection to others. As children, they didn’t feel like the parents really understood them or were there for them emotionally. Whether or not this was really true is beside the point. They feel like they were born into the wrong family and continue to seek out people who will nurture them, mirror them, and rescue them from their suffering.

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Valentin Yudashkin Fall 2014


Work from my show “Sometimes I want to fall off the face of the Earth”

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